Welcome to our fortnightly release notes! We’re continually looking at ways to improve our platform both in terms of functionality and user experience. As our client, we want to share all the changes and their benefits with you.

Send in Blue Integration

  • All invites sent through our tool are relayed via a system called Send in Blue. Send in Blue are email specialists; we use them as it provides robustness and reliability.
  • We have integrated new functionality from Send in Blue to ensure greater insight into performance.

1) Survey Insights – Clicks Column

  • We pull the number of clicks for a survey invite daily – this is shown in a new Clicks column:

Remember, that if people go directly to your Survey via an Anonymous Link this won’t be shown – similarly if people access via a direct link. We have backloaded the last 90 days of data.

2) All People

  • We introduced the highlighting of rows where a bounced email has occurred. In time, we will not send to these people again and add the ability to be able to export these individuals.

Question Targets

  • You can now assign a target to an individual question; this is currently only shown on the 2nd P&L. If no target is entered the survey default is used.

Survey & Question Targets

  • These will now support increments of 0.1 (when typed).

Hidden Vote Fields – Allows GDPR Consent if needed

  • We can add a hidden field to a survey which allows us to ask optional questions such as “Are we able to contact you with regards to your feedback?”
  • This will help with GDPR compliance for more customer (i.e. commerce) focussed surveys.

Question Insights Amendments

  • Clicking on a Question from a Survey has a small change in navigation – it now says:
  • Insights >> Survey Name >> Question (Where clicking on the survey takes you back to the survey) – this is the same for all insights, allowing you to easily get back to the Survey Insights page.
  • The monthly averages now show the overall question average in the graph.
  • The same with Filter Comparison, the question average is shown in the graphs.

Survey Filter Comparison

  • This now shows the survey average allowing you to make comparisons.


  • Special (Manual) Permission can now be set; you can hide Period Selection for Analysts and you can also Default a Period.
  • We can now make your dashboard default reporting period daily, monthly or yearly. Please speak to your Account Manager if you’re interested.

Our short-term Roadmap

Our development team are now working on the following areas:

  • Admin Multi-Language: Giving our clients the ability to change between languages within the admin area should they have staff globally who need to analyse data.
  • Golden Rule Improvements: Simplifying the setup of anonymous surveys as well as making it easier to understand where data has been hidden for privacy.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Using AI and Machine Learning to provide sentiment analysis on comments.
  • GDPR Fields: In line with GDPR, providing contact data to individuals so they understand why the data is being collected and who they should contact with regards to queries.
  • Download: Improvements in the speed and format of data downloads.

We will update you on these in our next release notes!

If you have any questions or would like help or training on The Happiness Index platform please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Call us on 0203 865 0989 or email us at hello@the-happiness-index.com