Seasonal Affective Disorder, bad weather

5 tips to defeat Seasonal Affective Disorder

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It doesn’t take a trained psychiatrist to tell us that the weather can affect our mood. If it’s rainy and cold then our mood can suffer, and if it’s sunny we may have an extra spring in our step. As the days get increasingly darker, our moods often follow suit. …

Communication for business leaders

How can leaders influence through communication?

David McCrae Best Practice

Jordan Harbinger, founder of The Art of Charm training company shares an interesting insight about business: He observes that most people believe there are two routes to success: being smarter or working harder. However, after working on Wall Street, Jordan realised there is a ceiling to this strategy. Everyone on Wall …

Motivation tips for business leaders

Ditch the carrot and stick method and get creative with motivation

David McCrae Best Practice

How would you rate your abilities as a motivator? Are you sticking to the same old methods and assuming your staff are motivated because you haven’t received any complaints? Traditionally, when we want our people to do more of something we will give them incentives such as money, accolades or prizes (we’ll call …

An image of a thinking woman who is tryng to master her thoughts

3 tips to master your thoughts to boost performance

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You cannot always choose what happens to you, but you can influence your thoughts to hone in on positivity. One of the keys to achieving wellbeing is to be aware of your thought-patterns to help maintain an optimistic and more positive perspective. Research has found that optimistic thinking is associated …

Creativity concept with man holding a tablet computer

How to free up time to enhance creativity

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The drive for creative expression is one of our most innate processes – we were creating things before we could walk or talk. We were making coloured scribbles, creating new worlds with our imaginations and dreaming of creative and unworldly things. Creativity is not just about art or design. When …

A true leader stands out from the crowd

5 industry leaders highlight how they created success

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Whether it’s leading a team, a department or a company, I’m sure you want to get more out of your workers. Before we launch into this article fully, I want to make a distinction between management and leadership. A manager keeps the hamster wheel turning, check-off the to-do lists and …

How To Administer Emotional First Aid

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We have so many practices to look after our physical health – watching what we eat, exercising, medical check ups – but what do we do to maintain our psychological health? We wouldn’t dream of letting a cut fester or a broken bone remain untreated, yet we allow our negative …

Developing a winning mindset

Developing A Winner’s Mindset

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Do you feel that you are never going to improve in your work? Do you shirk from scenarios where you think you will be judged? Do you try to associate with people less skilled, intelligent, productive, charismatic or creative than you? This likely represents that you possess a Fixed Mindset, …