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New study shows we work harder when we are happy

Tony Latter blog, People Analytics

Happiness makes people more productive at work, according to the latest research from the University of Warwick. Economists carried out a number of experiments to test the idea that happy employees work harder. In the laboratory, they found happiness made people around 12% more productive. Professor Andrew Oswald, Dr Eugenio …

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Here’s Why Founders Should Care about Happiness

Tony Latter blog, People Analytics

Scott Crabtree spent 24 years climbing the ladder in the gaming and software industries, eventually leading his own engineering team at Intel. And after observing life at companies big and small, he recognized one commonality: The happiest people are the most productive. The difference was so striking to him that …

October 2014: Reinvesting In Development

Tony Latter blog, Software Developments

As our clients are aware we’re committed to improving the usability and analytics of The Happiness Index and we’re delighted to announce the latest developments to go live: 1. A display box showing the average score for the data you are looking at. 2. The ability to order respondents by …