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Why I joined The Happiness Index, by Roma Varma

Roma Varma blog, Our News

When you hear the words ‘The Happiness Index’, you can’t help but be intrigued. That’s exactly how I felt when I heard there were opportunities available within the company, and it was this curiosity that got me here writing this article today. I had a few job offers, so why …

space rocket growing team

The Happiness Index team is growing!

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Due to the ever increasing demand of our pulse technology, we are delighted to announce the signing of three new recruits to the team who will help support us in our growth strategy moving forward. Welcome Roma, Clayde & Jaki.

Need for speed people analytics

The need for speed

Tony Latter People Analytics

We are very much in the age of ‘everything now’ with technology helping spawn and encourage this expectancy among consumers. Whether you want to buy media space, fancy a flutter or see how many calories you’ve burned, it’s becoming less and less a luxury and more and more the norm. …

The Engagement See-Saw

The engagement see-saw

Tony Latter People Analytics

To a child, a see-saw can provide endless entertainment and takes minimal effort from both parties to enjoy. However the fun soon stops when someone isn’t fulfilling their side of the bargain. If the small amount of energy required to push your feet to the ground becomes all too much …

Follow me

Who’s coming with me?

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When Jerry Maguire in the film of the same name is doing his utmost best to recruit some followers, after being let go by his beloved sports agency, he is short of takers. When he asks his one glimmer of hope, reliable Wendy, to join him she refuses. Why? Because …

Pulse surveys

Hats, kilts and exit polls.

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Whichever party got your vote on the 7th May, whether it was blue, red, orange, green, yellow or purple, if this process has taught us anything, it’s that emotionally invested opinions versus factual outcomes can sometimes and spectacularly be so very different. It can make even the staunchest of individuals …