Workplace engagement happiness

Why workplace engagement matters and how to improve it

Joe Wedgwood Best Practice

In today’s unpredictable economic environment, measuring how engaged and happy your people are can get pushed to the bottom of your to-do-list. This is unwise. By ignoring the happiness of the most important part of your business, (your people) you run the risk of failing to achieve your business goals …

World Cup England Workplace happiness performance culture

The World Cup and business… A friendly match?

Alex Johnston Best Practice

The World Cup is here! And with an estimated 3.5 billion tuning in over the course of the tournament, it is the most watched event ever across the world. Until the final on the 15th of July, you can expect discourse around the beautiful game to dominate coffee breaks, hallway …

Anxiety, burnout, stress and mental health

Tackling anxiety, burnouts and stress – Getahead Fest!

Joe Wedgwood Best Practice

Yesterday The Happiness Index attended Getahead Festival (@Getahead24) to learn how we can help those dealing with stress, overwhelm or mental health issues get more balance & achieve their goals. We may have also attended a few fitness classes, enjoyed a group meditation and got a massage or two in the …

Motivate workers with self-determination theory SDT

Applying Self-determination theory to boost workplace motivation

Chris Caldwell Best Practice

There’s always a lot of debate about different psychological studies here at The Happiness Index. Our team benefits from the knowledge and passion of several experienced psychologists – one of whom is the neurological psychologist, human performance coach and author Clive Hyland. With these bright minds on our side, it’s no …

Balanced scorecard driving performance

How we can boost your balanced scorecard to drive performance

Tony Latter Best Practice

What is a balanced scorecard? A balanced scorecard is an organisational framework used to manage and monitor performance against strategic goals. It combines strategic (non-financial) performance measures to traditional P&L – to provide businesses with a balanced view of their performance. Put simply, it is a strategic system used to …