Balanced scorecard driving performance

How we can boost your balanced scorecard to drive performance

Tony Latter Best Practice

What is a balanced scorecard? A balanced scorecard is an organisational framework used to manage and monitor performance against strategic goals. It combines strategic (non-financial) performance measures to traditional P&L – to provide businesses with a balanced view of their performance. Put simply, it is a strategic system used to …

Demonstrating value for employees

How to demonstrate you value your people

Ifty Nasir Best Practice

When your workforce feels appreciated and valued they are increasingly likely to go the extra mile and become empowered brand ambassadors for your business. By creating a team of motivated workers who actively want your business to succeed, you will reap the rewards of a driven, happy and ultimately productive …

Survey-writing best practice tips

Best practice tips for survey-writing

Patrick Phelan Best Practice

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it…” You may have a well-thought out survey that covers every aspect of your business – but that isn’t enough to create an engaging programme that provides you with the right data. The way you ask the questions is equally as important. …

Maximising client surveys

How to get the best from your client surveys

Tony Latter Best Practice

Tips to boost your client survey response rates to improve your services As business leaders, you will be aware that great customer service is vital for organisational success. Client satisfaction surveys allow you to gather insights on your services and gain a better understanding of your clients’ needs. Off the …

Onboarding every action counts

Onboarding: Every interaction leaves a lasting impression

Sasha Hanau Best Practice

Effective onboarding programmes help your new hires feel welcome and prime them for success. By providing all the necessary information, introductions and resources – you will ensure they are well-informed and ready to add value. To maximise time and investment, business leaders should create an onboarding programme that aids development and …

Communication for business leaders

How can leaders influence through communication?

David McCrae Best Practice

Jordan Harbinger, founder of The Art of Charm training company shares an interesting insight about business: He observes that most people believe there are two routes to success: being smarter or working harder. However, after working on Wall Street, Jordan realised there is a ceiling to this strategy. Everyone on Wall …

Organisational culture is your brand

Understanding organisational culture – Definition and tips for improvement

Joe Wedgwood Best Practice

We all have our own unique personalities that set us apart from everyone else and define us. Similarly, every organisation has its own vision, rules, practices and guidelines. This is essentially the organisation’s personality. This is known as organisational culture. Defining Organisational Culture Distinguished Professor of Management, Jennifer Chatman states that organisational …