nine cardinal sins of employee engagement surveys

The nine cardinal sins of employee engagement surveys

Joe Wedgwood blog

Employee engagement surveys are one of the cornerstones of HR. They are designed to gather valuable insights from your most valuable resource… your people. The right surveying programme will help you discover the sentiment of your people and allow you to make key business decisions and build engagement-boosting action plans off …

Uber sexism case

Uber’s sexism row – What lessons can be learnt? [OPINION]

Sasha Hanau blog

Uber is well known to most as one of the most successful and disruptive companies to emerge this decade. With millions of users, billions granted in funding and operations in 500+ locations – Uber is undeniably a staggering success. Despite its business prowess however, Uber is facing a major reputation, …

How does commuting to work affect our wellbeing

How your morning commute affects your happiness and wellbeing

Joe Wedgwood blog

When it comes to our daily commute to and from work, it is (for the most part) something we endure, rather than enjoy. For many, it is an exercise in ‘grin and bearing’, that stretches our coping skills to their very limits. This is evidenced by the Office for National …

Change management. Motivating people through change

How to motivate your people through periods of change

Tim Stoller blog

We live in a world where the future is increasingly shrouded in uncertainty. External factors can affect our businesses – Brexit, the results of the US elections and the ambiguity around impending world trade agreements can immediately shift the climate we work in. Recent evidence suggests there will be more …

A group of happy and engaged workers, who enjoy their jobs

For Happiness – A response to Against Happiness! [OPINION]

Joe Wedgwood blog

Measuring engagement, happiness and wellbeing to improve productivity and profit is not overstepping the mark. I was clicking away the other evening and stumbled across an article that halted me in my tracks. It was titled Against Happiness and it set out to rubbish all the evidence behind happy workers …

Creativity concept with man holding a tablet computer

How to free up time to enhance creativity

David McCrae Best Practice, blog

The drive for creative expression is one of our most innate processes – we were creating things before we could walk or talk. We were making coloured scribbles, creating new worlds with our imaginations and dreaming of creative and unworldly things. Creativity is not just about art or design. When …

A true leader stands out from the crowd

5 industry leaders highlight how they created success

David McCrae Best Practice, blog

Whether it’s leading a team, a department or a company, I’m sure you want to get more out of your workers. Before we launch into this article fully, I want to make a distinction between management and leadership. A manager keeps the hamster wheel turning, check-off the to-do lists and …

Developing a winning mindset

Developing A Winner’s Mindset

David McCrae blog

Do you feel that you are never going to improve in your work? Do you shirk from scenarios where you think you will be judged? Do you try to associate with people less skilled, intelligent, productive, charismatic or creative than you? This likely represents that you possess a Fixed Mindset, …