Thrive in New Age of HR

The new age of HR: What to expect and how to thrive in it

Penny Daniels Industry News

The world of HR is undoubtedly changing, which is clear just from the shift in titles from Personnel, to HR, to People/Talent. This demonstrates what the key is in this new HR landscape – understanding that people are your greatest asset. So, what does this new world of HR look like, …


Key Takeaways from the Mission Critical HR Analytics Conference 2016

Sasha Hanau Best Practice, Industry News, People Analytics

Yesterday The Happiness Index team spoke at Symposium Events’ conference ‘Mission Critical HR Analytics’. (You can check out the Twitter conversation using #SEanalytics). Human capital is your biggest cost, so why are so few businesses measuring it with a view to increasing performance? #SEanalytics — The Happiness Index (@happinessindex1) 15 September …

Reponding to online reviews

Getting the Most Out of Negative Reviews

Sydney Frazer Best Practice, Industry News

Companies can look to Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work winning companies to get an idea of what it takes to be a highly rated company on Glassdoor. While a quick scan of the reviews may reveal fun perks and competitive compensation, the best companies go beyond the tangibles when it …

National discontent and disengagement over Brexit

Disengagement on a national level

Tony Latter Industry News

I vowed to never write a political piece, but the EU referendum is an opportunity to discuss disengagement on a national level. Let’s get it out the way, I voted to remain as did a lot of people similar to me who are in their 30s and either live or …

Adam Shaw, The Heart Guy

Staff Happiness Increases Profits: The Business Case

Adam Shaw Industry News

When I first started running team-building and resilience workshops I believed that it was the lack of education about how stress works, the implications of not managing this properly, and failure to appreciate the importance of work-life balance that were the key issues. However, I had taken one critical area …