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CEO Tony Latter joins the government’s ‘People Survey Focus Group’

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Our CEO Tony Latter is delighted to be a part of the governments initiative to tackle employee engagement at The Department of Energy and Climate Change (The DECC).

The People Survey 2015 for DECC returned a slight 1% drop against the engagement index compared to 2014. Any drop in employee engagement, however small, is a worry because it can indicate staff are feeling less motivated, less engaged in their work and therefore less likely to ‘go the extra mile’. This can have a negative impact on individual, team and organisation performance and productivity.

Essential to identifying the interventions to improve employee engagement is understanding the barriers that make people feel that they are not engaged in their work, team or organisation. This is where Tony and his fellow peers aim to give clarity on what these barriers are.

Tony Latter
Tony has over 10 years’ new business and account management experience, working for 2 of the UK’s largest companies; IPC Media and AXA. He believes the key to strong customer relationships is understanding them as individuals as well as their specific business needs. Tony enjoys running and spending time with his family.