Keep on the Pulse of your Client and Customer Satisfaction.

Gather feedback

Gather all-important customer feedback regularly and keep your clients loyal.

Better Retention

Increase AOV and client retention rates by measuring satisfaction at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

Increase Referrals

Identify brand advocates and NetPromoters in order to increase referrals.

“The Happiness Index has completely changed the way we manage our staff and client relationships – resulting in our best ever financial results.”ROBIN GREENWOOD, MANAGING DIRECTOR, STORAGE KING
“We have had thirty-three quarters of consecutive growth and we put this down to our focus on people. At our board meetings we analyse ‘The 2nd P&L’ which reports how our staff and clients are feeling about working with us and we combine it with the traditional financial P&L to help us forecast, plan and prioritise the key actions the board need to take in order to make a difference to the company.”PAUL SMITH, CEO, 4Ps MARKETING

Don’t lose clients to your competitors: Listen well and take swift action.

The link between client loyalty and employee engagement is undeniable and both directly affect your bottom line.

Measure customer feedback with ease using The Happiness Index’s market-leading pulse technology. Its real-time analytics will give you instant insights that you can use to determine the best course of action. Use it with your existing and prospective customers to gather feedback and boost loyalty and advocacy.

“The reason we use The Happiness Index is speed. We love how quickly we can gather responses and more importantly how quickly we can turn our raw data into meaningful insight. This allows us to react quickly and stay ahead of the story.”HR DIRECTOR, STENA LINE

Keep your client services team on the pulse of customer sentiment.

Our engagement specialists will help you understand how your customers feel, providing you instant intelligence on your customer satisfaction levels and insight into valuable user experience data.
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Measure your NET PROMOTER® score.

Your Net Promoter® Score is considered a key indicator of growth and is an important metric for the board of directors. Essentially it is a measure of your business’ customer loyalty.

Simply put – how likely your customers are to recommend you? Clients are split into 3 groups; ‘Detractors’ the least likely to recommend you, ‘Passives’ and your star ‘Promoters’.

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