January 2015 – Reinvesting In Development – Part 1

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Following the results of the Q4 2014 Happiness Index we have been working hard to deliver a significant improvement to our admin functionality. This means The Happiness Index is now a fully self-serviced proposition giving you the ability to:

Create new campaigns:
• If you wish to start measuring a new area within your business you now have the ability to set up a new campaign.

Edit existing campaigns:
• For your existing campaigns you can edit the campaign name, the question you are asking as well as the ability to turn campaigns on or off.

Add and delete filters:
• After the set-up of your Happiness Index you may decide you would like to filter your results by a new filter, e.g. management level, job title etc., therefore we have given you the ability to add these yourself.

Edit an existing user:
• You can now edit a user’s information, e.g. when a member of staff moves department or gets a new job title, etc.

Add a new user:
• If you wish to add more users to your Happiness Index you now have the ability to this.

Upload data from a CSV file into The Happiness Index:
• If you have a number of new users you wish to add, you can now upload large amounts of data into The Happiness Index.

Create an ‘Analyst’ profile:
• Create as many ‘read only’ profiles as you wish, e.g. you may wish to give each line manager or account manager access to The Happiness Index.

Export raw data to a CSV file:
• We have given you the ability to download the results of The Happiness Index into Excel so you can analyse the raw data using pivot tables and charting tools until your heart’s content.

Tony Latter

CEO and Co-Founder of The Happiness Index – Tony is passionate about helping organisations utilise technology to revolutionise the way they use feedback. With 15 years’ experience of growing companies, Tony has a wealth of experience. His insights were recently featured in The Sunday Times for an article on what drives engagement in today’s workplaces, he regularly speaks at HR events, such as the CIPD’s annual conference and sits on judging panels for various business awards. His expertise in the world of business, HR and technology recently led to The Happiness Index being awarded the title of “Best New Business” at the European Business Awards 2018.

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