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Analytics Lab

The breadth and detail of our analytics tools is the reason our customers are able to transform their raw data into actionable insights. Here’s a closer look behind some of the features…

Dashboard Home

Provides you with a high level overview of each question. It’s the first indication of which questions you perform well in and those where improvement is required.

Campaign Summary Screen

Allows you to drill down to see the scores by your chosen frequency, e.g. daily, weekly and monthly. Here you track the trend in how you’re performing against that question and whether progress is being made.

Filter Comparison

Helps you pinpoint the areas of your business that are performing well and areas that require improvement. This means you’re able to allocate time and resources to the areas that need it most.

Trend Analysis

Identifying trends for each of your chosen filters means you can drill down and highlight specific areas that require improvement.

Score Analysis

Score Analysis gives insight into the breakdown of how your individual’s are scoring. It also provides growth stats showing the trend in negative, neutral or positive scores.

Individual Analysis

Analyse an individual’s profile covering their last response, their average over time and their personal trending graphs.


Hot Spot Analysis

See your average scores by each filter in conjunction with the size of the group. It quickly tells you where the outlying areas are and the scale of the task at hand to resolve issues.

Comment Analysis

A quick way to highlight the key themes affecting recipients. By looking for the most frequently occurring words we produce both a positive and negative word cloud.


Our methods for gathering your data?





Additional features


Export to CSV

If you want to analyse the raw data yourself, just export the data into Excel and away you go!

API connectivity

Link The Happiness Index to your other IT systems with our API. Talk to us to find out more.


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