General questions.


What is The Happiness Index?

The Happiness Index is a People Measurement tool. It allows companies to ask questions, analyse the data with our suite of analytics tools and put in place the appropriate action plans. These plans are monitored over time to see if they are having the desired impact. We work to help organisations improve employee and customer engagement, satisfaction and productivity.


What can I measure?

You can measure all aspects of your business, its employees and customers or clients. From innovation, leadership, wellbeing, development, communications, rewards and benefits, work-life balance, management – the tool is totally bespoke to your personal needs and focus areas. Use the tool for on-going ‘finger on the pulse’ insight that you will use to determine actions and improvements.


How do I book a demo of a Happiness Index product?

Simply click on ‘Book a Demo’ or call +44 (0)203 865 0989.


Is The Happiness Index mobile optimised?

Yes, The Happiness Index has been optimised to work on smartphones and tablets.


How can I send out my surveys?

You can use our smartphone app, or send questionnaires by email. We also give you the option to embed it within and iframe on your website.


Why would I use The Happiness Index and not have one-to-one meetings?

The Happiness Index doesn’t replace one-to-one meetings, in fact it enhances them. Due to the real time data and detailed analytics the insights gained can form the agenda for your meeting reducing the amount of preparation time.


How long does it take for an individual to complete The Happiness Index?

This depends on the number of questions you ask, but a good rule of thumb is up to 30 seconds per question.


How does using The Happiness Index affect our existing HR processes?

The Happiness Index enhances your processes by giving you a valuable insight into how your people feel in their role. This allows you to understand their individual situation and build appropriate action plans to drive their performance. The ‘trends’ section allows you to gauge the success of these plans over time.


How long does it take to set up The Happiness Index?

All setups are tailored but once we have all the details required to build your site, it usually takes just 24 hours to build and test your site!

More complex integration projects will be determined on a case by case basis.


How can I increase our response rate?

In order to drive up response rates we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Emphasise in your invite the time it takes to complete the questions.
  • Promote your use of The Happiness Index via multiple channels, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, website.
  • Keep your invite short and include the purpose and benefit to the individual and company.
  • Send reminder emails.
  • Consider offering an incentive to those who respond.
  • Publish the results and tell your people your Happiness Index score.



You can read more about The Happiness Index, engagement best practice and find technical answers in our help and support pages. Alternatively call us or book in a demo and we can answer all your questions.


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