Roadmap The Happiness Index: What we have done. What we are doing. What we'll do

Roadmap: What we’ve done. What we’re doing. What we’ll do.

Roadmap The Happiness Inde:x What we have done

What we’ve done

2014     Happiness Index v1
2015     Simple one question survey expanded to allow “Campaigns”
2015     First multi-language client (Ukrainian)
2015     Responses being received from over 50 countries
2016     Responses being received in 15 languages
2017     Version 2 launched – the introduction of “Surveys”
2017     Question tagging launched
2017     Improved survey builder
2017     NPS Analysis launched
2017     Enhanced People Management introduced
2017     Greater search functions added
2017     Enhanced permission levels settings
2017     System redesign
2017     Parent and child questions introduced
2017     The Happiness Indicator launched
2018     Analysis App launched
2018     Enhanced reporting, including PDF & custom reports
2018     Ability to invite via tech
2018     Enhanced API functionality
2018     Introduction of multiple scales
2018     First use of AI with Sentiment Analysis
2018     Enhanced Response Analysis
2018     Improved iPad responsiveness

Roadmap The Happiness Inde:x What we are doing

In development

  • Survey builder
  • Big Query integration
  • Platform redesign to improve UX
  • Parent and Child Reports
  • Dialog flow integration to enable Voice & Facebook integration
  • Introduction of templated invites
Roadmap The Happiness Inde:x What we will do


  • Modular surveys and reports.
  • Introduction of ML for thematic analysis & recommended actions.            
  • Migration to cloud.  
  • Video booth integration.
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Workday, SAP and Data Studio.
  • Triggered invites and reporting.