The 2nd P&L – People and Leadership. [WHITEPAPER]

Tony Latter Best Practice

To generate a truly 360-degree view, businesses should look at what we call The 2nd P&L – a measurement of your businesses’ greatest asset – its People and Leaders and how they impact on the more traditional P&L.

Download our latest whitepaper below titled ‘How employee happiness impacts the traditional P&L’. The paper covers:

  • Insight into ‘The 2nd P&L’ and how it generates an alternative return on investment, a concept called “Return on People”.
  • The new intelligence that can highlight the links between the traditional and 2nd P&L, uncovering clearer relationships between People and Profit, and Leadership and Loss.
  • Why developing a more holistic view of profit and loss, which includes the 2nd P&L, makes businesses better placed to protect themselves from risk and act faster to resolve issues that will may affect employee performance.

Find out more about our technology and services – download our latest brochure:

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Tony Latter

CEO and Co-Founder of The Happiness Index – Tony is passionate about helping organisations utilise technology to improve engagement and increase retention rates. With 13 years’ experience of growing companies, working in new business acquisition and managing teams, Tony learnt early about the importance of listening to and acting upon the feedback from his team to increase productivity and revenue. His belief is “Create the right environment to work in and people will naturally excel” – benefiting customers, employees and employers alike.

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