The growth of happiness as a business metric

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It has struck me recently as I go about my daily business in London that I see happiness being used more and more as a serious business metric. It is fascinating how quickly happiness has moved from being seen as a slightly fluffy KPI to a top priority business metric. The speed of change has been rapid, but very noticeable.

Here are some examples that I have seen on my travels recently:



Coca-Cola Advert


Right Move Advert

Austrian Tourist Board

Zillertal Ad


All of these examples are great, but they come with 2 core challenges:

1) How do you measure it?
2) What are you doing with the data?

If you want to find out more drop us a line for a free consultancy session on how you can measure business metrics like happiness.


I will leave you with the wise words of Don Draper to conclude this article. Thank you for reading.

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Tony Latter

CEO and Co-Founder of The Happiness Index – Tony is passionate about helping organisations utilise technology to improve engagement and increase retention rates. With 13 years’ experience of growing companies, working in new business acquisition and managing teams, Tony learnt early about the importance of listening to and acting upon the feedback from his team to increase productivity and revenue. His belief is “Create the right environment to work in and people will naturally excel” – benefiting customers, employees and employers alike.

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