What is People Analytics and why is it important?

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What is People Analytics?

  • Helping businesses gather and analyse vital information from people around their business, be it internal or external.
  • Using data provided by your people to assist the decision making process.
  • A regular feedback mechanism giving a ‘pulse’ of data.
  • A way of measuring things that haven’t always previously been measured.

Why is People Analytics important?

  • By analysing a ‘pulse’ you can spot opportunities/threats & take action.
  • Putting people at the heart of your business will improve morale and performance.
  • Measuring things that haven’t always previously been measured.
  • Spot opportunities/threats & take action before its too late.
  • Improve retention of staff and clients.
  • Increase motivation.
  • Pinpoint the most effective areas to spend your time.
  • Generate greater productivity.
  • Create more efficient systems/processes.
  • Accelerate sales and continue to grow.
  • Achieve more without adding additional resources.

How to implement People Analytics successfully:

  • Position your use of People Analytics correctly.
  • The leadership of the business need to embrace it and change from an ‘I think’ to an ‘I know’ philosophy.
  • Be patient, the job will never be done, look for innovation, not instant perfection.
  • Don’t wait for it to be 100%, make a start now.
  • Only gather the vital information, don’t be greedy and ask for too much.
  • Take the pain, you may not like the answers, but its better to know than not!
  • Create a shared vision and generate an environment for change.
  • Load it for success, look for the easy wins and make progress on multiple fronts.
  • Communicate what feedback you’ve had and what you’re doing with it.
  • Above all, keep it simple!
Tony Latter

CEO and Co-Founder of The Happiness Index – Tony is passionate about helping organisations utilise technology to improve engagement and increase retention rates. With 13 years’ experience of growing companies, working in new business acquisition and managing teams, Tony learnt early about the importance of listening to and acting upon the feedback from his team to increase productivity and revenue. His belief is “Create the right environment to work in and people will naturally excel” – benefiting customers, employees and employers alike.

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