Our first CSR donation to Uganda’s most vulnerable children

Tony Latter People focussed

We recently partnered with Hope for Children and have made our first donation towards our chosen cause. The donation will be used to: Provide learning materials, such as exercise books and pencils so children can gain access to education. Help children have access to a football pitch, football coaching and a …

New starter what makes her happy

Why I joined The Happiness Index and what makes me happy!

Jodie O'keeffe People focussed

A few years ago I discovered a scientist and amazing author called Dr. David Hamilton. He says “Kindness is my philosophy” and has written many books on how our thoughts and minds can affect our body but also the people around us. The science of happiness, essentially. Ever since then I have …

Change management. Motivating people through change

How to motivate your people through periods of change

Tim Stoller Thought leadership

We live in a world where the future is increasingly shrouded in uncertainty. External factors can affect our businesses – Brexit and the ambiguity around impending world trade agreements can immediately shift the climate we work in. Recent evidence suggests there will be more change and shockwaves to our businesses …

Red light therapy low level light therapy corporate wellness wellbeing

Reinventing Corporate Wellness

Anna Iversen Future & Innovation, Tech

Corporates are becoming increasingly more aware that investing in the health and wellbeing of their staff will result in a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Ultimately this leads to less absence, greater staff retention and higher performance – all contributing positively to the bottom line. We are seeing a …

Office politics 2 workers playing chess in the office

Office politics – Pros, cons and tips to govern it

Joe Wedgwood People focussed

Put simply, office politics are the strategies people adopt to gain an advantage over their peers. The term is often thought of in a negative light, as these competitive strategies often come at the expense of others. If you asked a worker about their views on office politics, they will …

Workplace engagement happiness

Why workplace engagement matters and how to improve it

Joe Wedgwood Work-life balance

In today’s unpredictable economic environment, measuring how engaged and happy your people are can get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. This is unwise. By ignoring the happiness of the most important part of your business, (your people) you run the risk of failing to achieve your business …