Engaged and happy workers are more productive. Teamwork, collaboration and social investement.

How happiness & teamwork creates success

Tim Stoller Employee Engagement, People focussed

I want you to indulge me for 30 seconds… Think about the best job you’ve ever had. Picture yourself there. Are your memories filled with the people you were working with, the conversations, the fun, the laughter, working together in adversity, delivering great results and the camaraderie? That’s far more …

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Reinventing Corporate Wellness

Anna Iversen Employee Engagement

Corporates are becoming increasingly more aware that investing in the health and wellbeing of their staff will result in a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Ultimately this leads to less absence, greater staff retention and higher performance – all contributing positively to the bottom line. We are seeing a …

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The World Cup and business… A friendly match?

Alex Johnston Employee Engagement

The World Cup is here! And with an estimated 3.5 billion tuning in over the course of the tournament, it is the most watched event ever across the world. Until the final on the 15th of July, you can expect discourse around the beautiful game to dominate coffee breaks, hallway …